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My item hasn't been shipped.

Please check the product description of the item you ordered for details on processing times. After your item has been processed it will be shipped via your chosen shipping method.


My Tracking has been updated but it's not available to view yet, what does this mean?

Please be patient, your order will be with you within the required time, sometimes it takes 6-12 hours for tracking information to go live. If you are operating outside of the United Kingdom then do take time zones into account. If your tracking has not been updated after 24 hours then please do contact us, so we can assist you with location.


When will my order arrive?

Log into you account or go to our track your order page.

Tracking information will not be updated until after 6pm on the day that you receive you confirmation email, to state that your item has been sent.


When will I get my confirmation email?

You will receive an initial confirmation email to inform you of your purchase, you will next receive an email to state that you order is getting ready or being fulfilled, your next email should state that you order has been sent & tracking details will be updated shortly after.


What does PRE ORDER mean?

It gives you, the shopper the opportunity to purchase items that are already on their way to Vanity Ville London or have recently become out of stock. These items are usually ready within 7-10 days, then it may take up to 2-3 days for delivery. 


 If I have ordered an item that says PREORDER?

The information regarding timeframes for a preorder of an item are included in the item description. After this "PREORDER" timeframe has passed you can expect your item to be delivered according to the shipping option that you chose. 


I have ordered an item that states it is "MADE TO ORDER" when will it arrive?

Made to order items usually take between 7-14 days to process, specific time frames are included in the product description of the item you purchased. Please refer to these for more clarity. After processing time has passed, your items will be shipped according to the shipping option you chose at checkout.


I returned an item for exchange & haven't heard back from Vanity Ville London about this ?

Check the status of your return via our returns center We strongly advise that all items returned, are done so via a trackable service. If you want to include additional insurance then you can. We are not liable or responsible for items that have not been returned & signed for at our returns address.


I am worried that my returned item will not reach Vanity Ville London within the 14 day timeframe?

Ensure that you send your item back as soon as possible, if 14 days has passed from the day the item has been delivered to you & signed for, then your item will not be accept by us.


How do I cancel an order?

After you have placed an order, you have between 12-24 hours until it starts processing depedant on it's availability if you wish to cancel this before it has been processed then please contact us via email:

If the item has already been collected by our courier then it cannot be cancelled.

If shipping / tracking has already been generated then it cannot be cancelled.


Can I apply for a refund?

See our returns and exchanges policy HERE


For any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us;

Via email on


Our offices are open between 9:30am & 5:00pm (U.K Time) Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends & public holidays.